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Mother's Day Orders


Strict order cut-off dates apply, unless sold out prior.

Orders placed after the cut-off dates indicated below, may not arrive in time for Mother's Day (Sunday May 10, 2020); Some items are likely to be sold out prior to the cut-off dates; Where no date is indicated, Mother's Day Orders have already closed. 

Hunting, Faith & Fishing Pendant Necklace May 4 (Closed)
Custom Jewelry April 27 (Closed)
Flip Flops April 23 (Closed)
Womens Dresses, Skirts & Leggings April 25 (Closed)
Womens Tops and Sweatshirts April 20 (Closed)
Baby & Childrens Apparel April 20 (Closed)
Baby Footwear April 20 (Closed)
Personalized Room Decor April 20 (Closed)
Bags April 20 (Closed)
All other items (Closed)

*If the item you are interested in purchasing does not fit into any of the above categories, please contact our help desk.

Estimated Shipping Times:

From mid-April, until Mother's Day, orders will be batch processed and shipped periodically on a cycle.

What this means is that standard shipping times may not apply during this period, for some items.

Mother's Day Cancellation Policy:

Due to reduced processing times for Mother's Day Orders, from mid-April all orders are final upon payment and may not be cancelled or changed.